Sunday strolling and sunset

Having spent most of my life living by the coast and having more than one beach just 15/20 minutes walk from where I was staying, I've been missing this the past few weeks since moving back to Edinburgh. There is a beach here but it's either a bus ride away or over 1h walking. I'm happy to walk but with shorter days, somewhere nearer would be ideal. 

Today, I found it! There's a place not so far from where I live which has water with waves, some seaweed - for added seaside feels(!), a nice stretch to walk along, and great views. There may not be sand but it's still as close to a beach-like place as I can get and today it was simply stunning. 

The sun was shining glistening on the still waters first with silvery hues and gradually becoming golden as time passed and the sun began to set. 

At moments I felt as though I had been transported to a coastal city in the States or even the UAE! The incredibly cold wind brought be back to my Scottish reality however. This contributed to me not sketching while there but I will be sure to do some acrylic sunset paintings in my studio from the photos soon. I really want to capture those strong, fiery, scorching, shades of the setting sun. 

I always find looking out to water really relaxes and calms me. Scientific research also shows that there are multiple benefits of 'blue spaces' so it's certainly worth seeking out blue spaces wherever you live. 

Laying back, enjoying the views, and snacking on a tortilla wrap 😊

    Just look at that natural beauty *heart eyes* !! 

If you'd like to see how my paintings turn out, follow my Instagram account @HCRart where I post snaps from what I paint in my studio. I'm also on Facebook and you can find me at

Have a great day, and remember to embrace and enjoy the small things in life 

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