I went in search of snow and found... snow. I learned, also, the value of 'wider context'. You'll find out what I mean if you keep reading till the end. 

The first sketch I did had no trace of snow but when I liked the composition and initially started adding colour when the hills were looking particularly vibrant courtesy of low sun. By the time I'd finished, the sun had been hidden by clouds. 

Further along the road to Glenshee, blue skies and sun appeared again and the landscape got increasingly undulating. 

More sketching on the way. 

Does anyone else enjoy sun like this as much as me?! Low Autumn/winter sun casts such a warm, coppery light yet it is usually bitterly cold at the same time. Tones of photos can be really deceiving. Warm hues does not always translate to warm temperatures. Trust me! I really appreciated taking my ski jacket with me. 

Look at the colours, the textures *heart eyes*

Landscape loving on the drive through Glenshee. 

If you're wondering what that wooden post is with a little red mark at the top which is invading the bottom of my photo is, it is there to indicate where the edge of the road is in the event of heavy snow. There are a number of them at both sides of the road throughout the road. I've seen snow all the way up to the bottom of a road sign in this area before so they are definitely worthwhile. 

Keeping warm in my hat and ski jacket...

Here's the snow I promised. Look, so much. So like almost 1m squared in total. Haha. 

But wait, here's a bigger patch all together. 

... Oh, wait. That's just a trick photo. There's actually very little snow. See what I meant earlier, the wider context is very important! 

The snow may have been disappointing but the soup at the Glenshee Ski centre was on point, as usual. Warming and tasty. Perfect for getting some energy before the long trip home. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you'd like to see some of my art that has come from more snowy days in Glenshee then check out my portfolio.

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Bye for now, 

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