Winter walks - Kinnoull Hill

I have often passed Kinnoull Hill as it is by the A90. The hill and other hill beside it, together part of the Kinnoull Hill Woodlands Park, tower above the busy road at one side, while the wide River Tay, borders the other side. Right at the top of Kinnoull Hill there is a tower modelled in the style of historic towers that projected from the landscape on hills by the River Rhine in Germany. The tower had always interested me and I have a habit of looking out for it whenever I pass it. It's never hard to find, protruding from the peak of the hill. 

This week I went to the woodland park and did one of the signposted walks. I chose the one going up to the aforementioned tower. At some point in the future though I would like to do the longer circuit walk round the two hills as there are apparently ruins of iron age fort at the top of the other hill and the historian in me is excited by that! (I have a degree in history.) 

The walk I did was a nice walk. A well-maintained path skirted around and them rose through the woods at a not too steep incline up to the top. There were lovely views at a few points and the view from the top didn't disappoint but it would have been nicer had the sun decided to shine! I'd have loved to have seem the blue of the sky reflected on the surface of the River Tay. 

Here are some of the photos I took. These are just a few from my phone, I haven't sorted the ones from my camera yet, but these give an idea of the surroundings there. 

View to the north. The Tay is looking quite silvery here! 

View to the south from the top. 

View to the north through one of the windows of the ruins at the top.  

Kinnoull Tower itself. It wasn't as tall as I'd expected but it is a fun thing to come across at the top of a hill. (Well, if, like me, you like old architecture / ruins I guess!)

It was too cold to sketch while there with it being forecast snow later on in the day but I am thinking of doing some  watercolour landscapes of the views from the top. 

In the meantime you can check out my Instagram account (@HCRart) if you're interested in seeing any of my most recent work. Woodland is what is inspiring my latest couple of pieces. 

I'm also on Facebook: and Twitter: @HCRart 

Have a great weekend, 

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