Views from the train

This post should have been written in December but you can have it now, albeit very late! 

These are a couple of photos from a train journey between Perth and Inverness. I was going up to Inverness to catch up with a university friend and to do some Christmas shopping. Where I live there was no snow, neither was there snow in Perth but not long out of Perth on the line northwards snow started falling thick and fast. It looked so wintery and created the atmosphere of a freshly shaken snow globe. 

It was great being able to take photos of the scenes from the comfort and warmth of the train carriage. Mountains are something which I absolutely love to paint. (I started at the beginning of 2015 and had been looking forward to winter snow scenes again. Check out some on my portfolio: It was not so fun when the train stopped a few times due to the line being blocked but I got to my destination eventually, if an hour later than planned! At least I was rewarded with the photos I took. The drama of the trip up wasn't finished when I arrived in Inverness though as my friend greeted me by saying she was glad I'd arrived there eventually but wasn't sure if I'd get back home as the station announcements board had on it that many trains South were cancelled due to a fallen tree on the line. Just what I wanted to hear (!) 

In case you're wondering, I did actually get home fine in the end. Never a dull day when traveling in snow! 

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