Winter walks - Beach

It's a New Year! Happy New Year! 
For many in Scotland the year unfortunately began with flooding. Where I live was not so badly affected but those in the surrounding areas were. There was a lot of high winds and heavy rain where I am for most of this first week of 2016. Yet, yesterday blue sky finally appeared overhead! I wanted to make the most of the sun being out and went for a 3 hour walk along the coast a few minutes walk from where I live. You can travel far from home in search of beauty, but you should never neglect the beauty on your doorstep. I took quite a few reference photos, including the ones I have posted below, for paintings. It was very, very cold but seeing the blue sky, sun, and white-frothed wave-filled sea after the stormy days before wasa most welcome view. 

I should probably note that all these photos are portrait because I only had my iPhone with me and it's memory was full so I could only take photos through a third party photo app. that only saves portrait photos. Frustrating but better than nothing! 

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Have a great weekend! 

Helen x

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