Midterm trip 

In the midst of semester 2 of my MSc, I had a one week break from lectures the other week (though with an assignment due Friday of said week, it didn't feel like much of a break(!) Still, I managed a trip to one of my favourite parts of Scotland after turning in the assignment - yay! 

I had been missing sketching from real life as it's been so cold in Edinburgh lately so not really practical to sketch outdoors. But the great thing about road trips is they involve lovely warm 'moving studios' (haha) so I can retreat to the warmth of the car to paint what's in front of me when it gets too chilly. 

The weather truly was Scottish weather on the day I was there as there was sun, clear blue skies, dark clouds, sleet, sun again, and rain all in one day. Got to love the variety... 

Anyway, here are some snaps from the Glencoe part of the day. This part of Scotland would usually have more snow in it at this time of year but it's not been a good winter snow-wise. Nothing can take away from the beauty and magnificence of the area though, snow or no-snow, the scale is something that you can only experience if you are actually there. Photos can never do it justice, so I definitely encourage you to visit if you get the opportunity! More photos to follow when I get a chance. 

    "Office" for the afternoon // Artist's paradise  

A rare photo from the other side of the of the camera... 

P.S Feel free to follow my artistic pursuits on social media (don't worry, it's all art / nature - no food pics or selfies, I have another account for that, well food, not, selfies, selfies aren't my thing. Food, however, mmmm, I love it!) Intrigued? Get in touch and I'll give you the account info. 

Have a great day 

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