Westward Bound

This time last week I was a few hours into the drive across to the West Coast of Scotland. It's really rewarding setting off in darkness and then being greeted by the rising sun part of the way in your journey. The Autumn sun casts a wonderful rich dark orange-red-y hue over everything in it's path. 

It was a good thing West was the direction in which I was heading. Look at the brightness of the low, rising sun behind. It created such blinding light in all the car mirrors. 
Travelling along such a scenic route has great positives. As the road unfolds in front of you, so too do the hills which surround you. Driving through valleys and glens is never boring for me. There is always something of interest whether it be the often severe contrasts in light depending upon from which direction sunlight is coming or where large clouds are looming. On that day, though, there was many clear blue skies dotted with intermittent cotton-wool clouds.

The low mist seen in the photo above was something I had never actually witnessed before. Despite how sunny it was the stubbornness of this mist meant cars were quite enveloped by it for a few stretches of part of the road. I'm going to have to try to capture the atmosphere it created with paint. I always enjoying trying my hand at painting different subjects.

Fast forward quite a lot of miles on from the stretch of road with mist, I reached my first stop: Glenfinnan. This little village has become pretty famous in recent years due to it being a filming location for some scenes from the Harry Potter series. Recognise this scene below?! The red steam train crossing the viaduct? I'm not a particular fan of Harry Potter but I do like the choice of filming location and enjoyed the clips in the film. Arriving early in the day meant I could get some sketching done without coach loads of tourists arriving! I must have timed it perfectly for it was not long into my second sketch that I heard the undeniable sound of the Hogwart's Express (!) (aka Jacobite Steam Train) arriving and crossing over the viaduct. Unfortunately as I wasn't prepared for it coming all I managed to get was a quick uncomposed snap of it on my phone but you get the picture. 
Here's a few of photos of my sketching pursuits while there...
Stay tuned for the next installment of my 'Highland Getaway'... 

In the meantime, you can search for #HighlandGetawayOct on Instagram to see some more photos or you can follow my account @HCRart on there or Twitter (@HCRart) 

Bye for now! 


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